About Your Type Advantage

Your Type Advantage is the resource to uncover your greatest strengths. When you understand your type advantage you make better choices that lead you to more fulfillment in what you do, creating an ideal lifestyle for yourself, and optimal compensation for what you offer. We provide a free strengths type test and free type overviews as well as a detailed custom guide hand-created for you for a nominal fee. The reports help you understand your greatest strengths, how they show up for you, your growth opportunities, and your needs. Armed with this knowledge, you can put yourself in situations where you are most productive, where people around you will be happier, and where you will thrive.

The Nine Types

The basis of the nine strengths types is a personality typing framework of enneatypes—pronounced “any-a-types.” Ennea means nine in Greek. While many frameworks are available to articulate strengths, such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), DiSC® and StrengthsFinder®, most focus on traits and behaviors. People who work with enneatypes appreciate how they take traits and behaviors a step further by clarifying individuals’ core motivations. When we are highly motivated to do one thing over and over we naturally develop deep proficiency in that area. While we each of possess characteristics of all nine types, we tend to favor one primary type plus one secondary type. Two of these nine core motivations drive each person’s actions more often than the others:

  1. Making Improvements
  2. Meeting Needs
  3. Achieving a Successful Image
  4. Expressing Individuality
  5. Acquiring Knowledge
  6. Managing Risk
  7. Exploring Possibilities
  8. Asserting Boundaries
  9. Maintaining Harmony

Business coaches, executive coaches, life coaches, career coaches and counselors especially like this framework for the degree to which it can transform people, careers, leaders, teams and organizations. It provides them an easy-to-use guide to help individuals and teams change and improve. Not only does this help people understand their greatest strengths, but on the flip side it helps clearly explain their blind spots. We address these in our detailed custom guides where we lay out the growth opportunities for each strengths type as well as tips on how to work with them and overcome obstacles.

About the Author, Ingrid Stabb

ingrid_stabbYour Type Advantage© guides and materials are developed by Ingrid Stabb, Principal & Founder of TaleeUp, the company that helps teams and leaders make the most of talent and collaboration. TaleeUp’s enneatype assessments, team-building tools, group facilitation and coaching fuel high-performing teams to maximize the contributions of people and to drive business results. Prior to TaleeUp, Ingrid led U.S. Marketing at Great Place to Work®, the company behind the Fortune 100 Best Companies To Work For® list. Earlier, she led the Global Human Capital Management Campaign at Oracle, featuring market-leading brands such as Taleo and Peoplesoft. Ingrid is co-author—along with Elizabeth Wagele—of The Career Within You: How To Find The Perfect Job For Your Personality (HarperCollins 2010). Ingrid holds a B.A. from Columbia University and an M.B.A. from Yale School of Management. She lives in Berkeley, California with her loving and talented husband, John, and her exuberant daughter, Quinn.

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