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Learn what makes you indispensable. There is one unique strength you have been honing your entire life—one you might even take for granted. Once you understand what it is and how it makes you indispensable, you can take actions to:


      o Become more impactful in your work

      o Find more fulfillment in life

      o Attain higher compensation for what you do, and

      o Develop more successful relationships.

You may be familiar with other approaches to discovering personal strengths like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, DiSC, and StrengthsFinder®. What makes Your Type Advantage© different—and so much more transformative—is its basis in the insights of the enneatype framework. Unlike similar systems that start by focusing on the individual and narrow down their strengths to four or five qualities from there, Your Type Advantage guides draw from a holistic understanding of how the strengths of all individuals are interrelated.

This holistic approach is a sophisticated system for understanding, not only the qualities you possess, but how those qualities make you uniquely indispensable to others.

You also gain valuable insights about your blind spots and how to overcome them. As you digest the information in your personalized guide, you better understand what motivates you and how to channel your natural strengths for positive outcomes.

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Your custom guide includes a summary of your test results, how to interpret them, and detailed profiles of your primary and secondary types. Your guide is personally prepared for you for $49.

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