Team-Building Package


YTA GuideYour Type Advantage Team-Building Package

Team leaders and independent consultants for high-performing companies—including Google, Great Place to Work, Blue Shield of California, and GAVs Technology Consulting—are successfully using Your Type Advantage Custom Guides to supercharge team productivity and help team members become indispensable.

To make leading a team session easy, we created a group session facilitation package that includes:

—The Your Type Advantage Group Session Leader Guide with step-by-step instructions for planning your session, including options for customizing to your teams’ needs

—Group session demonstration video

—Video with leader instructions and tips on how to customize and facilitate your group session

—Your Type Advantage introductory Powerpoint presentation to walk through with your group

—Customized Team Results diagram

—Printable handouts for each of the nine types.

The entire Team-Building Package with all the contents above is $295. Custom Guides for participants are $49 each.

Once you place your order for the Team-Building Package below, you will receive the Group Session Leader Guide, followed by an email with instructions for ordering participants’ Custom Guides and accessing the remaining package materials.


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