sample_report_coverYour Type Advantage Personalized Custom Guide

Get a complete custom guide to your type advantage, your strengths, how your strengths show up, what you need to be successful, your growth opportunities, and what to do to address them.

Your custom guide includes a summary of your test results, how to interpret them, and detailed profiles of your primary and secondary types. Your 50+ page guide is personally prepared for you for $49. More details


Your Type Advantage Guide


Your Type Advantage Individual Type Reports

Learn about each of the 9 type advantages with these 18+ page individual type reports.


Individual reports are $19.95 each. They include each type’s strengths, how the strengths typically show up, growth opportunities, and needs. Select buttons below to add each report to your shopping cart.

YTA Guide

Your Type Advantage Team-Building Package

Team leaders and independent consultants for high-performing companies—including Google, Great Place to Work, Blue Shield of California, and GAVs Technology Consulting—are successfully using Your Type Advantage Custom Guides to supercharge team productivity and help team members become indispensable. More details

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